Beyond the limited confines of the invisible

A young atmosphere gathers the image in a harmonic composition which she found inside herself in an essential abstract/informal direction, leaving signs of the New Figuration. In her compositions the light is filtered, in the front, because it is part of and witness of the moment which catches her vision and one notices the notes which scan the emotion felt. One notes in the greys/azures, a growing harmony of revelation which lets you guess other secrets which, in alternating motives of joy and sorrow, captivatingly invite you to discover these secrets. Raffaella Calcagnini is a romantic painter who wants to give a form to her thoughts and her emotions.
Her master of the colours gives suffused tones, sometimes shaded, fantasy, the capability to regain in transfiguration the essence and inflection of memory. They are messages with which it is easy to enter in symphony. The perch for space is constant, space in terms of painting and visual space concord in an atmospheric silence which goes beyond, almost, the corner of the frame, in an extension which goes beyond the limits of the objective sensitivity of the painting. The relationship with reality is fast and perceptible. Each brushstroke goes towards the creation of aesthetic harmony, suggesting her daily sensitivity which meditates on reality. Raffaella gazes towards fantasy, beyond the limited confines of the visible. She is a romantic artist who wants to give shape to her thoughts and her emotions. The sincerity with which she uses her artistic expression will be worth it to get further in the difficult world of art.

Oscar Tugnoli – painter & art critic
Director of EuropArt, Bologna
Collaborator RAI