'Cosmogonia 2', oil on plywood, cm 90 x 150'Cosmogonia 2', oil on plywood, cm 70 x 90'Il potere della luce', oil on plywood, cm 110 x 25 (private owner)'Per-corsi', oil on plywood, cm 80 x 130. I looked out of the window; during the night the weather had changed and in a few hours the wind blew away all the clouds to the west, while dark and threatening clouds still appeared behind the house. I observed the sky and I thought how much it nourishes me, protects me, and listens to me. I greedily walked through the infinite shades, I played with the ever changing movement of white clouds and I saw some of them intersecting with some others, creating twines similar to paths, multiple crossroads leading in many different directions. I thought about how many times in my life I took some unknown paths and ignoring others, I took some, without even seeing them. I thought to where these paths would have brought me if I had taken them. It depends on the choice of an instant of taking or leaving themSenza titolo - oil on plywood, 50x100 cmViaggio, oil on plywood - 70x100 cmAsk the sky, oil on plywood - 30x80 cmDesiderio di leggerezza, oil on plywood - 40x70Squarcio nel nembo, oil on plywood - 90x30 cmAlla ricerca dell'armonia interiore, oil on plywood - 100x70cmAscesi, oil on plywood - 70x70 cm'Big bang 2', oil on plywood, cm 90 x 150. I run into the lights of a new dawn, among the greatness of the world inside me, reaching for what I still don’t know, I run, going through the melancholy, the bitterness, the regret, I run towards the unknown. I hear a thunderous roar inside me, an internal 'Big Bang' hits me and turns everything upside down. What is old has now been shattered, and a new light opens the door to the futureBig bang, oil on plywood - 50x110 cmFlessibile arte del vivere, oil on plywood - 100x70 cmMatematica celeste, oil on plywood - 80x40 cmMistero, oil on plywood - 150x50 cmViaggio dell'esistenza, oil on plywood -100x100 cmLuce - olio su compensato, 25x40 cmParadiso - olio su compensato, 25x40 cmSorgente di Vita - olio su compensato, 25x40 cmsan benedettoCavalieri dello Spiritodettaglio "Cavalieri"