The hospitality of pictures. The painted sky

“My art, my paintings, are born from the instinctive work of the soul in which the intense language of the sky becomes an eternal divine language that blends with the image of the Most Sacred Thing that we know: Life.” R. Calcagnini The paintings of Raffaella Calcagnini lead us and invite us to observe this […]

The blue painter

Blue is the predominant color in the paintings by Raffaella Calcagnini, well known and recognized by many. “I will arrive in the sky through that part of blue” is the title of my recent book of poetry; when for the first time I was lucky enough to meet Raffaella and admire her paintings, I immediately […]

The space of Raffaella Calcagnini

From Montemaggiore al Metauro in the province of Pesaro, on a balcony overhanging one of Italy’s valleys in which it is still possible to feel a sense of history, Raffaella Calcagnini, graduated at the Institute of Art “Apolloni” of Fano and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, tells her history. It is an […]

Beyond the limited confines of the invisible

A young atmosphere gathers the image in a harmonic composition which she found inside herself in an essential abstract/informal direction, leaving signs of the New Figuration. In her compositions the light is filtered, in the front, because it is part of and witness of the moment which catches her vision and one notices the notes […]

Beyond the real in the enchantment of a dream in the paintings of the artist Raffaella Calcagnini

In the evocative creative path of the artist Raffaella Calcagnini, the dilated space opens up to the imagination that filters the visible world, through a free gestuality of form and color in rhythmic and lyrical abstract visions. Thus, the reality is colored with a white light that enhances the original visions translating the intimate and […]

A virginal icon

There are some people who are not afraid to bare their soul. Rare, but they exist. In a world where the mask is more considered above face-value, the candour of Raffaella Calcagnini could seem anachronistic, even counterproductive. But her personality is authentic; she has chosen to wander the trails in the sky, rather than run […]

Understanding clouds

“I suggest to everyone to cross a cloud. You can find: the entanglement of the stairs; continuity, uniformity; disorder, agitation; the protection, the filter; the greenhouse; the anvil; impurities; then the rain, the garden; energy; the absence; the thickness of the stretch; the name of a plant. And perhaps also, who knows: a cluster of […]