Beyond the real in the enchantment of a dream in the paintings of the artist Raffaella Calcagnini

In the evocative creative path of the artist Raffaella Calcagnini, the dilated space opens up to the imagination that filters the visible world, through a free gestuality of form and color in rhythmic and lyrical abstract visions. Thus, the reality is colored with a white light that enhances the original visions translating the intimate and unconscious sensations of the author, through a free and instinctive graphics, in which the color, as the turquoise blue, the intense blue and the lunar white mix together, and glazings and liquidity of the shades in the piers of light give rise to a dynamic pictorial texture full of natural harmonies. Sky and earth are protagonists, while the expressive vigor is determined by the action and sensitivity of Raffaella Calcagnini. In its magical formal and coloristic improvisations, the surreal and abstract evocation transpires, from Magritte to Mondrian, showing a clear coincidence between representation and action, where the identification of being with doing in an act of painting, thus experiencing the experience of reality and abandonment to the forces of the unconscious towards a surreal and dreamy dimension. In the pictorial gesture, which always regenerates itself in new imaginary forms in the artistic space and in the brightness of chromatism, visions travel the infinite of thought, while their evocative possibilities narrate and interpret in the figurative, which evolves in poetically expressed images. In this way, the artist lives the work moving forward into the fantastic space, transfusing the moment of the unconscious and of feeling without completely excluding the real datum, but rejecting the rationality of form, because it is informal that exalts the feeling of things. The face of nature is described lyrically, while clouds appear on the horizon, between symbologies and allusions in the high graphic and color synthesis, free from pre-constituted forms in a dreamy atmosphere suspended in time. Energy and vitality, are universal harmony and spiritual evasion to live beyond the image, the secret mystery of things and of matter towards an infinite and transcendental dimension, from the sacred to the profane. In the fervid expressive creativity of Raffaella Calcagnini, thought opens up a new path of fantasy, between memories and emotions in the enchantment of a lyrical dream, while revealing the authentic originality and artistic autonomy of an innovative art that belongs to today’s futuristic culture , free from academic dictates, ranging from the theme of figuration to the dream vision with abstract formulations, expresses a new concept of art in the existential mystery and in lyrical beauty. This is the reason for the unique charm of Raffaella Calcagnini’s paintings: the perfect union between rationality and fantasy. On the contrary: the “unreal reality” that takes us far away, in the adventure of the daydream and in the flights of the soul, between infinite skies, comes from the convergence of apparently opposite factors.

Carla d’Aquino Mineo