The space of Raffaella Calcagnini

From Montemaggiore al Metauro in the province of Pesaro, on a balcony overhanging one of Italy’s valleys in which it is still possible to feel a sense of history, Raffaella Calcagnini, graduated at the Institute of Art “Apolloni” of Fano and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, tells her history. It is an important story which is not wary of confronting the ideas of space and of the infinite, from which both enthusiasm and desperation exalt. These are the same sensations which her paintings manage to transmit, that moment when the sky refracts and, with ardent games of light, the colours of the sky are animated by thousands of darting currents; or the image of Christ who, in the moment in which he died, emanated the most powerful yearning for life. And it is all composed with tesserae, which intertwines, like happiness interlocks with sadness and then explodes in a shower of polychrome emotions.

Massimo Foghetti – journalist